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San Lorenzo Girls Softball League Document Cabinet

Q and A

Q) When are practice days/ times?

Practice days &  times will change when the regular season begins on March 11.

For now, please contact your coach for preseason practice schedule.

Q) When can I sign up for DIBS?

An email will go out when DIBS are set up 


Q) How many DIBS must I do?

6   DIBS for 1st child

9   DIBS for 2nd child

12 DIBS for 3rd child

All DIBS must be completed to receive $100 deposit back.

NO partial DIBS will be accepted.

Q) What does the team sponsor do/get?

Team Sponsor will have their company name on the uniforms, banner and receive an award plaque.

Each team is responsible for getting their own sponsor.

Q) What if we get two sponsors?

2nd sponsor will have their company name on team sweatshirts (hoodies). This is an option and not mandatory. Teams can pay for their own sweatshirts with no sponsors.

Q) What are "Sister Teams" and what would be good gift ideas? 

Sister Teams are matched teams from the upper division and lower division. Typically, they have the same colors but some teams may be matched with different colors.

Gift ideas would be something small: goody bag, decorative hair ties, candy leis, snacks 

These gifts are handed out on Opening Day


Q) Where would my team manager order our team sweatshirts?

Your choice of vendor.  The league has worked with vendors such as West Coast, 1856 Productions

Q) Will ASA umpire the games?

Yes for 16U, 12U and most 10U games,  8U will have junior umps

Interleague games in all divisions will be umpired by ASA.


Q) Must bats be certified marked with ASA softball?



Q) Where do I buy pants?

You can purchase softball pants at sport stores such as Big 5, West Coast, Dick's Sporting Goods .  Please check with your coach what color to buy for your team.