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Spring FAQs

Registration FAQs

Registration for the 2020 Spring season

is now open.


Before you begin the online registration, make sure you have the following items and information available.

 Your players’ birth certificate

♦ Players’ measurements for uniform size (size char will be in registration)

♦ Insurance Information including Policy and Group #’s

♦ Medical & Dental coverage information

♦ Primary care physician and dentist contact information


What ages are eligible to play?

For the 2020 season, we have opened registration to girls from 4 years through 14 years of age. The player must be between 4 years and 14 years of age by December 31,2019 to be eligible.

Our 4 year old players are placed in our Mini Division. This is our newest division and provides these young players an introduction to the game of softball. Players who are 4 years old prior to December 31, 2019 are placed in this division.

How does the Mini Division work?

Our 4 year old players are placed in our Mini Division. Players meet once a week for approximately 8 weeks and will be introduced to the game of softball.

The purpose of this program is to teach them some basic softball skills and prepare them to be part of a team in our 06U division in the Fall season.


When are games and practices held?

Practices and games take place during the week and on weekends. Weekend games are scheduled for Saturdays. In very limited situations, make up games may need to be scheduled on a Sunday. Teams are provided as much notice as possible prior to rescheduling any make up games.

Our volunteer coaches are given the option of choosing a practice day/time that best fits THEIR schedule.  Until teams are formed in mid-February, you will not know the specific day and time of your practice. Your flexibility in adapting to the practice and game schedule is appreciated. Most teams will practice once during the week and once on the weekend. Once games start, some teams will forgo a weekend practice.


Where are practices and games held?

Most games will be held at the San Lorenzo Community Park (aka the Duck Pond) These are our home fields and will be the primary location for games. We often schedule a handful of games with other local leagues. For those games, there can be additional travel time needed. In most cases, the travel distance is less than 10 miles.

Practices are held at various school locations throughout San Lorenzo. The league also has access to additional practice locations in Hayward which provide lighted fields. (Cannery Park, Mt Eden Park and Larry Standley Field)


What is the amount of the registration fee?

2020 season registration fees are $100 per player plus registration fee. (75.00 for our Mini Division)

When can I register?

Now!! All registrations are handled online. Simply click on the register link listed at the top of this page.


Registering siblings?

If you are registering more than one player (siblings), you can register both players during the same registration session. 
On page 3 of the online registration titled “Registration Page”, choose the number of players that you wish to register for the 2020 season. (How Many Players is your Family Registering for the 2020 Season?) 
You will then register your 1st player. When you reach the “Review” page, confirm that all the entered information for 1st player is correct.  Scroll to the bottom and click on the grey box labeled “Register Another Person” You then will be taken back to the registration fee page please click on " I have already answered this question for a previously registered player"


What payment options are accepted online?

Visa and Mastercard.


How much is the volunteer deposit?

$100 for the first child and only $25 for each additional sibling. The maximum deposit per family is $150.  We will not charge the deposit at the time of your registration.  

The volunteer deposit is required of all parents as a part of registration. 


Why is a volunteer deposit required?

The success of our league is dependent on the generosity and good will of the many volunteers who organize our league, coach our teams and otherwise complete the many tasks that must be done before, during and after our softball season.  It is imperative that every family donates their time to ensure the success of our league.  In order to keep registration fees affordable, we rely on fundraising and profits from the SLZGSL Snack Shack, volunteers are required to staff the shack.  Being that the SLZGSL is a 100% volunteer run organization, it is highly important that every family fulfills their volunteer obligation. The volunteer deposit serves only as an incentive to financially encourage each family to complete their individual obligation.


How many volunteer hours are we required to fulfill?

All volunteer points are tracked through the Dibs system on our website.  Dibs allows each parent to claim and track their volunteer obligation fulfillment. The following are the dibs obligation by number of players. 6 dibs for the first player and 3 for each additional player.

Please note: families in the Mini Division are not required to complete dibs.

Number of players in family

Number of Dibs points  to fulfill volunteer obligation

6 Dibs
9 Dibs
12 Dibs


How are volunteer deposits being handled with online registration?

Your volunteer deposit is a pending payment only

  • The full deposit will NOT come out of your account when you register. However, a 1.00 fee will be charged upfront. 
  • The pending payment will NOT tie up funds in your account
  • Your pending payment WILL be canceled when you complete your volunteer obligations and you will receive notification of the cancellation.

Reducing the amount of cash and check deposits will allow us to quickly credit parents who have completed their obligation.

Do you have to live in San Lorenzo to play?

No, players from all surrounding areas are welcome.


Our circumstances have now changed and we will no longer be able to participate in your league. How do we go about requesting a refund?

Refund requests should be submitted by email at  The request will be submitted to the board for approval. Approved refunds are issued by check and include a $25 admin fee. The admin fee is deducted from the full refund.

Generally, refunds are not issued after January 31.


Why is there an admin fee assessed on my refund request?

The SLZGSL uses an online registration system to make it easier for our families to register and pay their fees. As part of this service, the league incurs a cost for each transaction processed.  However, credits are not provide to the league when a refund request is submitted. In order to minimize the financial impact to the league, we recover this cost from families who choose to no longer participate in the league.


My player is trying out for the high school team. If she doesn’t make the team, we want her to play for SLZGSL. What do we do?

If you want to ensure that your player has a spot on a team if she is unable to play for her high school, you MUST register before registration closes and notify the player agent that the player is trying out for their high school team. 

High school teams are formed in late January early February; if you have registered your player and they make the high school team your registration fee and volunteer deposit will be refunded. (less a $25 admin fee)  

In order to receive a full refund (less $25 admin fee) you must contact the league in writing by mail or email stating that they player has made the team prior to the league draft; draft dates will be available on the league website calendar. 

We strongly suggest you register your player even if she is trying out for the high school team!   High school teams require players to pass tryouts as well as meet academic guidelines.

If your player is selected for the high school team, a refund request may be submitted to our Player Agent.

If you have any additional questions about registration, please email us at